Word from the founder

Growing up as a young boy in a city that would, later in the future, be considered as one of the region’s mostTalib 2_bw meteoric and exceptional success stories, I always had this hidden ambition of being part of a grass root movement, a movement that would one day help transcend the country as well as the Middle East region beyond the limitations it has always been condemned to.  I imagined a time where we truly will drive our own destiny as a ‘progressive’ global knowledge economy.  A time where our institutions set global standards instead of following what is considered the norm.  A time when the region’s talent is empowered to create their own success stories and emerge from the rubble of years of accumulated geopolitical failures.  And most importantly, a time when we can finally have faith in the talent and expertise born out of the region and trust them to tackle some of our most pressing challenges.  Today, I am more confident than ever that this dream can be achieved through an unrivalled competitive edge; being part of the global playing field and at the same time keeping a strong understanding of what really matters at home.  This venture is my step towards building the foundations to my dream.

Abdulmuttalib ‘Talib’ Hashim Al Hashimi

Managing Director & Founder