Successful Human Capital practices

An increasing number of organisations in the UAE and the GCC are increasingly looking to enhance their Human Capital practices in order to foster diversity, become more efficient and stay competitive in an increasingly dynamic market. We help organisations develop their skills, knowledge, and their capacity to respond to human capital and business challenges in the UAE and the GCC.  To achieve this, we offer a select variety of unique organisational solutions to our clients.

Workforce Nationalisation

Workforce nationalisation -also known as Emiratization in the UAE – remains both a top priority endeavor and legislation by the governments in the UAE and across the GCC.  An increasing number of employers are now looking at developing their own organisational capabilities in order to engage, integrate, retain and develop their national staff.  Emiratization

Here are some of our solutions:

  • The Emiratisation/Talent Management Creativity Lab™
  • The Developing Effective and Strategic Emiratisation Leaders program (DESEL Program™):  TheDESEL Program™ is designed to enable employers to nurture ‘Effective and Strategic Emiratisation Leaders and Managers’ from within the organisation in their development and growth

To learn more details about how our Creativity Lab and DESEL program process works please click here

  • Developing Effective Line Managers for your local talent

To learn more about how we can help your organisation, click to watch a short Prezi Here


Emiratization (Nationalisation) Master-Class workshops
IMG-20141014-WA0009I regularly deliver public and in-house workshops that are tailored according to the organisation’s or participant’s needs.  If you are interested in a private workshop for your organisation, feel free to contact me.  Alternatively if you would like to register for any of my future public workshops, drop me a line with your request.  We currently deliver the following Emiratization workshops:

  • Developing your organisation’s unique Emiratization Strategy and identifying effective and innovative ways to achieve your company’s goals
  • The Developing Effective and Strategic Emiratisation Leaders workshop (DESEL Workshop): This is a unique Coaching program designed to help support your organisation’s Emiratisation Leader/Manager in achieving their operational and strategic goals


Cultural Integration in the UAE Workplace

AWLF sessions
Delivering the Tranzeet Lounge workshop to participants for the Arab Women Leadership Forum

This is a unique workshop delivered to organisations that are looking to enhance the smooth integration of its international and UAE national staff in a way that fosters multicultural understanding among staff, supports team building, encourages effective leadership, a healthier decision making process and also a stronger connection between the organisations with a diverse community.  The Tranzeet Lounge is delivered as an in-house corporate workshop, and we make sure that it is tailor-made to your company’s needs.

To learn more about our Tranzeet Lounge services Click here to learn more


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