Tracy Danton – Head of Resourcing MENA – Barclays Bank

Talib is a blend of a respected professional and down to earth, self-aware human being. He has a way of engaging even the toughest audience, through his in-depth knowledge of Emiratisation, both through facts, figures and data AND creative/alternate ways of approaching it. What I personally found so refreshing, is his passion for the topic and the depth to which he dives in order to find the answer or solution. Talib’s contribution to senior leaders of the organization was invaluable; a lot of which was used to reshape and re-energise our Emiratisation Strategy. A fresh pair of eyes is always a good option, especially for opportunities to think outside of the box, expand your horizons and adapt up to date approaches to the challenging task of effective and superior Emiratisation/nationalization.

Not only is Talib a great presenter (and I have seen him in operation at external events too) but is smart, well read, with excellent cultural knowledge and awareness. I highly recommend him should you need insight into nationalization in your organization. A superior professional who both talks the talk and walks the walk

Julie Duffy – Previously Training Manager at DUCAB

“Having worked with AbdulMuttalib I found him to very quickly to perceive and anticipate exactly what the client needs, this may be due to his extensive research and detail orientated in-depth questions he will ask to make sure that what he delivers is exactly what needs to be addressed, and more. AbdulMuttalib is committed to delivering excellence and that is exactly what we received”

Dr. Pranav Naithani – Academic Coordinator Business Faculty in Higher Colleges of Technology

It is an honor to write a recommendation for a person who is naturally talented, highly skilled, exceptionally innovative, tremendously dynamic, yet very humble and easy to approach. Mr. Talib is respected by the professionals in the GCC region for his patience, strong will, and a focused mindset. He is an inspiration to the young Emirati men and women, many of whom look up to him as a role model. Having heard him as a speaker in many events, I am always impressed with the way he reads the mind of his audience and connects effortlessly with him through his extempore speeches. I wish him the best.”

Mohamed Samir – Public Relations & Media Officer – Datamatix

Mr. Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Hashim joined our annual 15th UAE Government Future Leaders Conference to talk about Innovation and leadership. He set the tone for the conference by immediately connecting with our audience. His presentation was exceptionally well received. The content was powerful and meaningful and was delivered with such energy and enthusiasm that everybody wanted to hear more. His high-energy speaking style was engaging, entertaining and enriching. He left the audience spellbound. The room was electrified by his presentation – and it created a wave of excitement and engagement that pulsed throughout the entire day! In a word: awesome! The energy, intelligence, and savvy were in evidence with every slide. We can’t thank you enough.”

Charlotte Chedeville – Project Manager | Speaker hunter | PR | Industry analyst – Naseba

“AbdulMuttalib was a speaker of the 10th Human Assets Expansion Summit MENA, which I was producing. Working with him has been a very smooth, engaging experience. Throughout the entire production process, he provided valuable insights into the agenda and always responded with great enthusiasm. On-site, I was struck by his professionalism and the ease with which he connected with all of the panelists. He brought a strategic dimension to the panel and went beyond the obvious – into the core challenges faced by organizations in the region. He clearly stands out as a matter expert – without ever “pitching” himself. I look forward to working with him in the near future.”

Menelaos Panagiotakis – Communications and Business Development at Al Ahli CSR Group

Truly engaging, motivating and thought provoking. Talib’s workshop was the best end the conference day. “

Lina Hourani – Al Ahli CSR Group – CSR, Sustainability and Youth Development Expert

“Being a professional in Youth Development and Youth empowerment for over 20 years, I rarely see sessions that engage and empower the youth in such a degree, enhance collaboration and produce creative ideas, and all that at the very end of a long day full of interesting sessions and seminars. That’s what the workshop of Talib did”

Nina Hoffman – Former employee and Talent Aquisition specialist

“AbdulMuttalib is a visionary with a healthy relation to reality.

Especially his views on Emiratisation, how nationals should be developed and how to achieve real added value are refreshing if not revolutionary.

AbdulMuttalib is an inspiring personality and one of a kind (in the best possible way) when it comes to strategic planning, attention to detail and quality focus.

Together with the team he can and will change the world we live in for generations to come! That’s why I joined him in Next Level :-)”