After dedicating the last 11 years to helping employers in the UAE attract, retain and develop local talent, TBH Consultancy was founded to pursue an ambitious goal:  To become the go-to ‘localisation’ consultancy in the region with the the purpose to help people and businesses grow successful. To achieve this, TBH consultancy led by its founder Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Hashim and a group of associates and partners continues to identify innovative and effective solutions to address challenges that face Localisation in what we believe are the three key areas that matter; Talent, Businesses sustainability and Human Capital practices.(T.B.H)


We help companies and people in various ways:


  •  Executive Search: We help you identify and recruit the most suitable local talent for your business
  • National Graduate Development programs: We work with you to design a program for your new recruits and tailored to your needs.
  • Talent Accelerator & Incubator programs: This is a program designed to help employers or public institutions develop a pipeline of young talent with the skills and exposure required to work in your industry.
  • Talent Pooling campaigns: If you are the proactive type of employer and want to have a database of potential candidates who are engaged and interested in working in your organisation; this is the ideal service for you.
  • Innovative Assessment and Selection solutions


  • Workshops and One-on-One Advisory services for managers keen on understanding the business culture in the UAE & GCC


  • Talent and Human Resource solutions: We help your organisation adopt solutions and best practices in the following areas:
    • HR Strategy, HR policies and Organisation Structuring & Design
    • Manpower Planning
    • Increasing the Engagement of your staff
    • Adopt a suite of innovative employee assessment tools
  • Emiratisation Consultancy: We can help your organisation’s Emiratisation process become effective and sustainable through a variety of services:
    • Running Emiratisation Creativity Labs
    • Developing effective and strategic Emiratisation Managers and Leaders for your organisation through a combination of advisory and mentoring approach
  • Cultural Integration programs: These programs are bespoke to the following scenarios:
    • Companies looking to develop line managers who can bring the best out of their local employees
    • Employers looking to bridge the gap between their local and expat workforce in the workplace

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One thought on “Home”

  1. Good morning,

    I write to firstly congratulate and appraise this site and the opening of the TBH Consultancy Firm.

    Secondly, as a uae national with extensive research I to people skills, management and a generally understanding to the workforce and issues they face here, I would like to respectfully ask if there was anything I could be of assistance in, if there was any way I could be involved in your forums or the such.

    Your conciderarion and reply is much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Ebrahim Al Hashimi

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