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Tranzeet Lounge™ for UAE business culture understanding workshops

If you have recently set-up a business in the UAE or you are interested in entering the market and are keen to gain a deeper understanding of the local environment, I can help you identify the various opportunities the market has to offer so that you are able to steer through the market successfully.  Here’s how me and my team can help:

  • ‘Understanding UAE Business Culture and Society’ Workshops for new businesses setting up in the UAE
  • One-to-One structured advisory and business facilitation services for businesses looking to engage opportunities in the UAE

For more information about the services we provide through The Tranzeet Lounge please visit our site by Clicking here

Headhunting: Helping you find the right people for your business needs

One of the top two concerns new and established organisations in the UAE and the GCC share is recruiting the right talent that can help drive business growth and strategy.  Taking a call picWith almost 8 years of experience helping employers in the UAE steer through the market and recruit the best of local and expatriate talent, I work with a select team of researchers to identify, engage and source for you the most suitable candidates for your critical role.

In addition to helping you source the right candidates, I work to provide you with valuable insights that will help you gain critical understanding on areas such as the talent landscape, salary levels offered for the role, competition and other factors that can potentially help in the search assignment.  Contact me if you need help identifying that illusive talent your organisation has been searching for and we can have a chat about it.

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