I and Amal have always shared a passion for helping international businesses appreciate and understand the powerful influence the culture of the country as well the workplace has in nurturing sustainable, efficient and competitive companies in particular in the UAE.

Through our partnership, we aim to help organisations in the UAE and in the region assess and bridge the critical gaps which exist normally in a multi-cultural workplace.

We also help your leadership team truly understand the cultural dynamics that could potentially influence your strategic goals in the UAE as well as help them gain unique insights to what works and what does not in the context of UAE business culture.

Last but not least, through our work, we aim to help create ‘happier’ workplaces in the UAE which we believe is not only key towards creating healthier and more productive companies, but happier workplaces will be integral towards achieving the UAE government’s Vision2021 of becoming one of the 5 most happiest countries in the world.


In this video, Ramez Helou, CEO & Founder of The Academy For Sales Excellence (TAFSE) interviews me and Amal to understand how ‘Companies in the UAE can get aligned and take advantage of the potential growth in the UAE’.  Some of the topics we discuss in the video:

  • What are the 3 often ignored ingredients for organisations’ success in the UAE in particular?
  • Local talent as a “bridge” between your organisation and the community
  • Why do I believe understanding and appreciating the importance of the government’s vision and strategy is often a huge ‘missed opportunity’ for organisations in the UAE
  • Why is ‘culture’ crucial for the sustainability of businesses through building a “cohesive” team
  • The importance of culture in retaining Emiratis and why Emiratis are facing what is known as “culture shock” in companies specifically in the private sector in the UAE

Enjoy the video, and please do feel free to comment with your thoughts, questions and interest.