I am excited to announce through this video the strategic partnership between my company TBH Consultancy and Dubai Scholar Consultants, a consultancy firm led by Organisational Development specialist Mubeena Mohammed. This partnership culminates months of brainstorming, discussions and work on some of the traditional practices to implementing ‘Emiratisation’ and localisation in the region.

Using an innovative and strategic approach as well as Transformation and Organisational Development expert Roland Sullivan’s “Whole-System Transformation”™ methodology; the purpose of this partnership is to help employers shift their view of Emiratisation from simply an exercise to fulfil quotas and HR targets to a process:

1- That transforms Emiratisation as part of your company’s DNA and culture here in the UAE.

2- That helps drive your organisation’s strategic and business goals and not only quotas

3- That is inclusive. Meaning it’s not only the responsibility of your HR and Recruitment team, but includes the internal stakeholders

4- That can adopt innovative and sustainable strategies to address common challenges faced by your organisation using progressive approaches such as empowering change agents, brainstorming through creativity labs and others

Me and Mubeena help employers achieve the above by either consulting your company and working with you throughout the journey, or facilitating a workshop to enable you to adopt our methodology on your own.

If you are a company looking to devise your own unique and potentially innovative strategy for Emiratisation (localisation), or eager to review and enhance your current strategy and could use our support to achieve this; feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to meet you and explain how we can help.

Enjoy the video and feel free to comment