Three Ingredients for growing a successful business in the UAE

Ingredients for business

Ask most organisations that are based in the UAE, or are thinking of setting up in the country to name what they think can help their companies grow successful in the UAE and you will hear three common answers that usually are in the lines of; “Tapping in to more opportunities”, “Reducing operational costs and staying competitive”, and “Becoming more relevant to their target audience”.   I even know for a fact that some of you would add that “a little bit of ‘Wasta’ would be nice thank you”.  Having experienced work in the corporate life as an employee for 9 years, and after that experiencing life on the other side of the fence as an entrepreneur for another 9 years (coincidence?);  I can say that growing a successful business in the UAE is not straightforward and it is certainly not a ‘walk in the park’ as some mistakenly assume it to be when they first enter this market.

Ever since I had decided to embark on this entrepreneurial journey, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to setting up and partnering in three ventures so far, in addition to being fortunate to have had the chance to have insightful conversations with business managers and leaders in the private sector, NGOs as well as start-ups over the topic of building competitive and sustainable businesses in the country.  So much has been written and spoken on the subject of ‘success’ and ‘growing successful business’ in general. Granted these are all useful and commendable, however, I have learned that building a successful business in the UAE is achievable if your organisation applies three ‘success ingredients’ and commits to it across all levels and wholeheartedly.

It has taken me years of observing the habits of successful businesses in the UAE, speaking to their leaders and often working close with these organisations until I finally was able to connect the dots and decide to make it my purpose to help people and businesses in the UAE apply this simple formula so that they grow successful and we ultimately build a sustainable and competitive economy.  In the next few days I will be sharing with you a 3-part series of the three ingredients you and your company can adopt to become successful and sustainable in the UAE.

Until the next time, I wish you all a successful day!